The springtime Pentathelon is coming up very soon. I think we will do very well in the tech presentation. In the FLL challenge we won third place in this section. We hope this is what will happen here too!


Today we will re-build our robot! We will do this to try to find the fastest robot. The fast robot is key to move as many cans as we can in the 2 min. time limit. Right now our robot is fast but, we will not stop with this. Their is always a way to make it faster.


Now we are working on the springtime compitition. It is a panthlon.This means there are 5 events. If you want to see them, click here
The one we are working on is the Recycler. We are building claws to solve this challenge
Today we are testing new gear ratios! The fastest ratio is 5:1. Daniel and I are also going to test more gear ratios. Hopefuly their will be a faster gear ratio!