Almost their

Now the slowbots are almost complete and race day is just around the corner. Their is only one problem, we need to find our who goes the shortest distance. To do this we need to find the average speed of all the robots. Who ever has the slowest speed will be the winner.


We just finished the FLL challenge. I'm happy to say that the hard work of the whole team payed off. We won a first place trophy in robot design. Now it is time to fix up our kits and get ready for the next challenge. This will be the slowest robot challenge.


Today me and Eugene finished building our robot. Now we are in the process of building a claw. The robot can solve all the missions. I can't wait until the day of the competition!!!!!


Today Eugene and I built our mission for a second time. This is so we can solve our mission at our grop and stil have a second one on the board. First we will complet the task at our group. Then we will complet the task of moving to the mission.


today we are going to start building our robot. Our robot will solve the "stain resistant fabric."
We will make our robot slowly bump into the hing and that will make the "dirt" fall on the fabric and go into the dirt trap. that is our mission for today.


The springtime Pentathelon is coming up very soon. I think we will do very well in the tech presentation. In the FLL challenge we won third place in this section. We hope this is what will happen here too!


Today we will re-build our robot! We will do this to try to find the fastest robot. The fast robot is key to move as many cans as we can in the 2 min. time limit. Right now our robot is fast but, we will not stop with this. Their is always a way to make it faster.